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Our products originate from all natural Pine logs. Our saw mill produces a variety of products that can be used in multiple applications from playgrounds to farming. Our all natural products are additive free with no additional colour or scents. Delivery is available F.O.B on all of our products.

Wood Fines & Saw Dust


Wood Fines are an excellent addition to any playground or schoolyard. The all natural scent and texture  maintains a clean active area.


The all natural scent of Saw Dust and ability to hold moisture makes it ideal for animal bedding in farms.

Pine Shavings

Pine Shavings are ideal for pet and animal bedding. The shavings are pliable and soft with an all natural pine scent. 


Animal cages can be lined or pillowed beds can be filled. Pine Shavings are ideal because of the natural pine scent.

Pine Wood Chips


Pine Wood Chips are great for all natural walkways in parks and playgrounds. 


Its ability to hold moisture and keep weeds to a minimum makes it ideal as a landscape material around trees and shrubbery.

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